Purple buds are so pretty, and cool, and also get you hella high. Let’s take a moment and appreciate the most purpliest purple buds. Thumbs up for purple flowers :)

1. Mmmm. It’s purple!

Source: thcforyouandme.tumblr.com

2. I’m burning purple flowers.

Source: 420weedgraphics.com

3. Trichome City!

Source: organicsarcasm.tumblr.com

4. That purple, that gurple, that purple.

Source: in-mercat-we-trust.tumblr.com

5. So purple-y.

Source: r-trees.tumblr.com

6. Fresh cut of some purps.

Source: r-trees.tumblr.com

7. Purple paradise.

Source: bigpoppalando.tumblr.com

8. Black Rose.

Source: the-last-sith-standing.tumblr.com

8. Purple towers.

Source: prewasted.tumblr.com

9. We have purple love.

Source: sexy-as-fuckk.tumblr.com

10. Blueberry anyone?

Source: lisemckean.tumblr.com

11. Sugar Plum.

Source: thepowerofweed.tumblr.com

12. Purple Gorilla.

Source: enterthemadhouse.tumblr.com

13. Purple Urkle

Source: sunshineearthcadets.tumblr.com

14. The Grandaddy purps.

Source: stonernostalgia.tumblr.com

15. Peyote Purple

Source: fallenjesus.tumblr.com