Marijuana has been illegal since the 1920s. People believed it was bad enough to start a war against it. In my personal opinion, starting a war against a plant seems quite fruitless and let’s face it, the main drug that’s being “fought” in the “drug war” is marijuana. Even though most Americans have been conditioned to believe that marijuana is a negative thing, why is there a huge push for legalization these days? America loves pot and are finally finding the voice to speak up about it.

Weed is America’s top cash producing crop, surpassing corn and wheat by over $10 billion a year. It makes appearances in all sorts of media (Weeds on Showtime is a perfect example and who hasn’t been watching Wilfred?). The fact that most celebrities broadcast their marijuana use (Ahem Wiz ahem) and aren’t getting jailed is great but there are still eighteen year olds getting thrown in jail for transporting narcotics for getting caught with two grams in their car after getting pulled over for a nonsense reason.


Source: tinypic

Over 70% of Americans support the legalization and taxation of marijuana. It creates jobs, helps sick people, generates money, and can be grown almost anywhere by anyone for very little money. While most politicians think that the war on drugs will succeed and produce an end product of a drug free America, it is highly unlikely. Prohibition didn’t work so why would anyone think that the fight against marijuana will be any different? To be honest, they could make alcohol illegal tomorrow and as long as pot was legal, I would see no issue with that and I can imagine most others would agree. America loves pot and I strongly believe that we will fight to make nature legal once again.