We have a review for the new Seth Rogen and friends film. If you are a huge fan of these guys and what they do then by all means go see it but make sure you’re high.

This is the End is an apocalyptic foul mouthed celebrity stoner buddy film that fails to exceed the expectations set by the previews but tries its damnedest to redeem itself, much like James Franco. The plot focuses on the social dynamics of Seth Rogen and friends’ celebrity circle during the apocalypse.

There are a few hilarious surprises that are actually worth seeing for yourself but not much else. The cameos were definitely the high points of the flick as well as Danny McBride in full on Kenny Powers mode and let us not forget the surprise at the end.

Due to the length of the film you will eventually lose your high. Also, the plot at times attempts to force laughs and creates predictable scenarios which will leave you wondering if at any point this is going to get funnier.

It is understandable that these guys get to do a movie for their loyal fan base and take it completely over the top but the “just for shits and giggles” approach here doesn’t work as clean as other moments in their other films.

Their recipe for laughs and the unexpected is becoming stale and formulaic. It seems like they take a jab at themselves concerning this mid way through the film. Again, if you like their past films we do suggest you go see it but don’t expect anything out of the ordinary with this film.

This is the End gets a 7/10 and we aren’t hipsters either.

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