Looking for some time to kill while getting blazed?  Try out the Morphing 3D Tunnels app or the Astral 3D Worlds app on your android or iOS device.  The visualizations on these apps are endless so prepare for a trippy journey.  You can choose from 24 different tunnels, all which change and shift through a multitude of colors.  The app can also be used for hypnosis and meditating, try it out on your friends :)

If you like the app, make sure to purchase the full version as well.  The full version enables a music visualizer which syncs the tunnels with your favorite music!

Check out the links below to download the app for your mobile device.  Be sure to watch the promo video below, which includes an alien abduction :)

Download Morphing Tunnels for Android

Download Astral 3D Worlds for iOS