There is a thin line between comfort and laziness but when you are high they are both one in the same. Here are 5 Ultimate Stoner Possessions.

1. Clap On

Something only a senior citizen should be eligible to purchase. The clap on could be a stoners best friend. Stuck on the couch and too high to get up to turn the lights off, just clap.

clap on


Pretty sure it works for more than lights now so everything is a clap away.

2. iRoomba

If you want to cut back on some cleaning and increase smoke time you can buy one of these little guys and they will go around cleaning things for you.



No, it cannot locate the weed you lost.

3. 10ft Charger Cable

If you’re addicted to social media like most of us are but your phone is always dying and the outlet is too far away you could always buy one of these bad boys.



You’re just sitting there spinning your wheels hoping that it is charging.

4. Snuggie

We have highlighted these in the past but I mean come on a sweater that doubles as a blanket is just priceless.



The people who ok’d this and invested were probably high but we aren’t saying that is a bad thing.

5. Wheelchair

If you own one of these and you are perfectly able to walk around then you are too high to function and in that case we understand but do not condone.



We know Segways are a bit too difficult to use when high but come on.

What are your ultimate stoner possessions? Let us know in the comments below.