If you’re on the go or smoking someplace you shouldn’t, ashing isn’t as easy as it is in the comfort of your home. Here are 5 unconventional ashtrays.

1. Sink

This is your first option if you’re smoking in someones home and they don’t have an ashtray laying around. Probably the easiest clean up and there is no potential for starting a fire. Just turn on the water and you have a self cleaning ashtray.


Source: magagag.net

Even this cat knows how to use the sink. Kind of.

2. Toilet

Assuming you’re smoking in a public restroom ashing in the toilet is fairly common and also a great way to get rid of the evidence.


Source: africansouljah.tumblr.com

We know there are some of you who started this practice in high school. You know who you are.

3. Soda Can

One of the best on the go unconventional ashtray definitely goes to the can. Mostly because it is multipurpose. Can either be an ashtray or a pipe if you know how to make one.

soda can

Source: tumblr.4gifs.com

If you run out of papers, just poke some holes and voila a pipe. Just like this cat here.

4. Bottle

Preferably glass but a plastic one will do. Make sure that no one gets high to the point where they forget that there was ash in the bottle and then they drink it.


Source: livelifeonlegendary.tumblr.com

Oe you can do more creative things with it like this fella decided to.

5. Dishware

Like dirty cups or plates. If it s already out there and dirty why not? We have seen people use their own dishware to accommodate guests smoking habits.


Source: miraculoo.tumblr.com

We know you don’t really give a fuck about your dishware anyway.

Give us some other useful and creative ways to dispose of ash without littering of course, by commenting your unconventional ashtrays in the comments below!