Back with more cannabis 101. Today we provide some information on this alternative way to smoke weed, and try to answer the question…What Are Dabs?

 So, What Are Dabs?

By definition dabs is the slang term for smoking BHO (Butane Hash Oil) usually through an oil rig or bong using a hash nail.[64] The Wire describes the process as:

a piece of metal resembling a large nail is held at the end of a curved glass pipe then heated until glowing with a lighter or kitchen torch; a small ‘dab’ of the thick hash oil (greasy and thicker than cold honey) is placed on the end of a thin glass rod and then touched to the hot nail. The smoker inhales the instantly vaporized concentrate through the glass pipe — and gets seriously stoned.


Image Source: Weed Porn Daily


Image Source: Weed Porn Daily

What is BHO?

BHO, or Butane Hash Oil is created when high quality marijuana is heated with butane, which then extracts the cannabinoids from the marijuana. This creates a wax like concentrated substance that yields a reading of up to 70 to 90% THC.[65] In relation to standard marijuana, the average THC level of around 13% according to CNN (25% in the more potent strains). [66]


So are Dabs safe?

So a higher THC level will obviously lead to a stronger high, but is it safe? Like anything that is potent, moderation is key. Since THC levels are higher, you don’t need a large amount to get high. So if you are doing dabs, don’t consume as much as you would normal pot (no matter how much of a veteran you think you are). According to this High Times Article:

“There’s very good evidence that smoking marijuana doesn’t harm the lungs, and I’m quite sure that smoking concentrates doesn’t either,” says Dr. Shackelford.

Though future testing down the line may say otherwise. Making BHO though, is another story. as there is a high potential to cause harm if you are inexperienced.

More Information On Dabs

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