I hope you ate your banana and oatmeal this morning, we’re back with Cannabis 101 – What is a strain?  Brought to you by NextLevelEvolution.

What is a strain?

Just like with flowering plants, such as roses, there are three different kinds or varieties of cannabis and many different hybrid strains.  There is Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica andCannabis ruderalis. Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica usually contain higher levels of THC and Cannabinoids and are therefore the kind most commonly smoked. Cannabis ruderalis contains lower levels of these compounds and is more often used for industrial production, such as hemp.  However, all three of these varieties can be bred with each other to produce hybrid plants with different physical and compound producing properties.

The various hybrids and breeds lead to different “strains” of cannabis and I will get in to the effects of these in the scientific use section. You may hear strain names such as Afghan Kush (an indica strain from the Hindu Kush mountain range) or White Widow (a hybrid strain, white for the whiteness of the crystals covering the bud, and widow as in “black widow” because its effects are very strong) or Outer Space (a sativa strain that has strong cerebral and creative effects).  Some of the names are rather crude, but remember, this is a plant that has been lovingly raised by the counterculture for the past hundred years.

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