I don’t know about you guys but the first rolling papers I’d ever heard of was the Zig Zag. The orange package to be specific. I didn’t actually know that there were other kinds of Zig Zag papers until very recently (I’m definitely a glass lover).But from what I collected from stoners around me was that the Zig Zag was the go to paper. If you weren’t smoking a blunt, it was always rolled from that familiar orange package.

Have you ever looked at the ingredients list on the Zig Zag rolling papers? There’s a lot of unusual ingredients such as bleach, flax, and wood pulp. That means that inhaling a Zig Zag is almost like inhaling smoke from a burning fire. I can’t lie however, there is a pack of Zig Zags in my car just in case of emergencies. I think I’ve maybe used one out of the pack so far. If I’m smoking on the go, I really favor my cigarette-shaped one hitter.

If you need somewhere to go for rolling papers, there are plenty of different choices on the market that are sold at every headshop, in a medley of different colors, flavors, and sizes. My personal favorite would have to be the Juicy Jay Green Apple. Then, there’s the non-flavored rolling papers like Raws and Elements, which are incredibly popular. If you don’t have a local headshop, you can always check out www.RollingPaperDepot.com and check out their extensive collection of papers.

In short, just make sure that you know what you’re smoking. While marijuana is healthier for you than cigarettes, it really makes no difference if there’s poisonous material in the papers. Smoke healthy! :)