No doubt you’ve seen the promos and trailers for this potentially epic movie. You can’t go wrong with former Disney stars gone bad, plus one always blazed James Franco. But we ask the question. Which Spring Breaker would you get high with?

Selena Gomez

She’s the sweet innocent looking type at first sight. But once the weed is out, you’ll probably spend the rest of the night trying to keep pace. It’s always the quiet and shy ones who are always the most dangerous!



Vanessa Hudgens

These girls look sweet, but wild at the same time. One moment you’re getting high chillin’, the next moment she’s making you look like a bitch as she makes it rain in the club.



Ashley Benson

The hot blonde bombshell. You know they’re always down to blaze, but buckle up, because blondes always blaze on that next level.



Rachel Korine

The wild child of the bunch. If the pink hair didn’t tip you off, then the moment your blazed & dazed, then robbed of your stash definitely will.



James Franco

You know when you blaze with a guy who looks like Riff Raff, that it’s going to be a crazy night. Just make sure he doesn’t try to recruit you into a life of crime.



Personally I’d get high with every chick listed. James Franco would be a bonus though. Which Spring Breaker would you get high with? (aka let’s appreciate the hotness of these women and say we’d get high with all them.)