If you have smoked weed at any point in your life you know that it usually doesn’t come broken down already. Here are a few reasons why grinders are awesome and why you should be using a weed grinder.

Breaking down the herb is the most tedious process of enjoying it. One thing that can make it simpler is a grinder. While they might seem like a bit of an investment for something you can do on your own, they are most definitely useful.

Grinders Make Keef

One of the biggest reasons for grinders is the fact that they make keef. Keef is the build up of marijuana that is ground up. It is much stronger than the weed itself and is like a reward for smoking enough weed. You can sprinkle it on top of bowls or sprinkle it into joints and in some cases food. It is like the cherry on top of an ice cream sundae.


Source: http://acciobong.tumblr.com/

It is like what weed would smoke if it could get high.

Grinders are Cost Effective

Grinders do a lot more than just grind your weed up. Grinders can save you money over time, the same money you would normally use buying papers and blunt wraps.


Source: http://baddestdudealive.tumblr.com/

You need money to smoke weed so spend it on weed and not other shit.

Great Place to Store Your Weed

If you don’t mind smelling a bit grinders are a great place to keep weed on the go. Also, your weed is already where it needs to be when you want to grind it up and load a bowl.


Source: http://munchy-time.tumblr.com/

You don’t always have baggies.

Grinders are a necessary tool for those of you out there looking to maximize your time smoking and minimize your time doing other things that lead up to it.


The pokeballs of marijuana.

Now go out there and find one that suits your style.