In honor of the Winter Olympics we bring you Winter Olympians who are stoners and also suspected to be stoners. How else do you think they put up with the cold guys?

1. Shaun White

Lets start this list off strong with the flying tomato. It is fairly obvious that the high flying ginger is also a high flying red eyed pothead.

Shaun White


Again, he snitched out the 6th Sense kid to avoid getting caught for marijuana.

2. Ross Rebagliati

The first Winter Olympian to make marijuana a big deal was also a snowboarder, go figure.



Is currently involved with the marijuana industry looking to make a few bucks.

3. Sage Kotsenburg

A case of the giggles when asked about marijuana and long surfer locks are not the best defense when it comes to your image of being a straight edge guy. It is quite obvious this man may be a smoker.



Not our legal stance but definitely Spicoli on snow.

4. Danny Kass

Need we say more after taking a look at this man. He is definitely blazing some fine herb while shredding some fresh powder.

danny kass


We feel like at this point if you have ever been a participant in the X Games you have tried marijuana at some point.

5. Henrik Harlaut

Need we say anything besides the dreads. Now I know what you are thinking, don’t judge a book by its cover but come on. He sags his pants, rocks dreads, and gives the secret stoner hand signal after winning.



Pure speculation and not our legal stance but look at the dreads come on.

Not surprisingly that most of the olympic offenders are snowboarders. They are basically snow surfer dudes. Also, Here is a video of some of the world’s best snowboarders outing themselves. See if you can spot the fibbers.

Click for video: