So you just spent the past 10 minutes breaking up the weed into the perfect consistency, placing your marijuana evenly throughout your zigzag, and twisting like you always do. It’s perfect. Or is it? Why are all your friends looking at you like you just just told a great joke? Despite their lack of enthusiasm , you insist it’s “gonna be bomb!”. They pass the bud around and you can’t help but notice how uneven it burns. You have to relight it several times and by the time you and your friends have smoked it all no one is feeling high. You offer to roll another, but your buds insist they’ll take care of it this time. Face it, your joints suck and here’s why.

Do these 5 when you’re rolling your joint:

1: De-stem your flower

Don’t just crumble up your whole nug and sprinkle it into the paper. That’s just not classy. Always de-stem your buds, whether you’re using a grinder or breaking it up by hand. Stems create inconsistencies in the packing of your joint which can lead to running and an uneven burn. Plus stems poke through,making it hard to get a good puff. All of these things can cause your joints to fizzle, letting you know a re-light is necessary.  Don’t be that guy relying on a dying lighter to get the sesh going again.



2:  Pack it tight, but not too tight

Whether you’re rolling a cone, a baseball bat, or a standard doobie, pack it down before lighting up. You can use the back side of a pen or anything small enough to fit into the tip. Pack it down and you’ll always ensure smooth hits while extending the life of the joint – friends and family will love you for this. Beware of packing it too tight or else you might end up having to break open all you hard work and start over!

pre rolls


3: Don’t skimp on buying papers

If you want to build anything durable, you have to use good materials. The art of joint crafting revolves around the same principle, so buy the right papers. Zig-zags and Raws are time tested and can stand up to the rolling process so if you haven’t developed the finesse required to twist a beautiful doobie, you should definitely start here.



4: Don’t be afraid to use a crutch

You might think crutches are like training wheels for beginner smokers. Fact: Crutches are perfect for windy days and when you need a joint… fast! You can use a small rectangle piece from the packaging on your joint papers, roll it into a coil and put it at the end of your joint.. This will guide your rolling process, roll a perfect cylinder, and makes it easy to pack, too. Crutches are the joint saver.

crutch, joint


5: Don’t french kiss your doobie

If you’re smokin’ solo and you want to coat your joint in saliva, do your thing, but no one wants to see that. The glued edges of your zig-zag only need a little bit of wetting, so if you’re making more than a few passes you’re probably doing it wrong. If the weed gets wet it could burn uneven and you’ll be losing more smoke than you’re inhaling. So keep it classy – don’t french kiss your joint in public! A little love is all it needs.



So there it is!  Any one of these mistakes can be fatal to your smoke sesh. Everyone appreciates a well crafted jay and you’ll feel a little extra buzz when all your friends are shooting out compliments as they puff and pass. But, remember practice makes perfect, so don’t give up on yourself. With enough determination and marijuana you too can  master the art of rolling a joint.