Stash running low? Now with ZaZZZ, the automated medical marijuana dispensing machine, reupping has never been easier. Soon, there’ll be an app as well! reports:

“If legal medical marijuana continues to spread throughout the United States, there may be plenty of business to go around for the medical pot vending machine marketers and operators,” Fuld told MainStreet. “These machines may become as common as cigarette vending machines used to be.”

“Marijuana transactions have to be tracked and in most cases updated with the state in real-time,” Shearin said. “The ZaZZZ machine is capable of that. One advantage is you won’t have to be waited on by an assistant if you don’t require consultation and the location is busy.” In addition, the ZaZZZ machine is ready and able to talk to other machines when and if necessary as the tech market expands and consumers demand it.

“We are in the initial stages of smart phone integration so that users can manage their accounts and prepare their cannabis purchases from the ZaZZZ machine in advance,” Shearin concluded.

The cigarette market is a good example of future stages of marijuana, looking at how tobacco companies have been successful as well as having to deal with negativities when establishing their market. Although legalized marijuana continues to grow, it also has the advantages of the newest technologies.

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