Wether you’re currently smoking, or thinking about it, the munchies are sure to come. Here are 10 food pics to induce the munchies!

1. Nachos

One of the best foods to pack much deliciousness in one bite! Def a satisfying option for the munchies.


Source: im-horngry.tumblr.com

Who’s says vegan’s don’t eat proper!?

2. Pizza

The most classic and convenient stoner food when the munchies hit!


Source: walkingdead3000.tumblr.com

Pizza! Pizza!

3. Steak & Mashed Potatoes

This is probably the default option anyone gets when at a fancy restaurant. You can’t go wrong!


Source: niccccccolai.tumblr.com

Extra gravy please!

4. Egg & Bacon Sandwhich

A great choice for the munchies in the morning. Especially after the morning wake & bake.


Source: food-porn-diary.tumblr.com

Avocado makes everything so much more tastier

5. Chips

Probably my go to just because I have so many bags of chips lying around.

Source: weheartit.com


The best choice if im lazy and the munchies hit

6. Chicken Strips & Fries

Who says chicken strips and fries are only for kids?


Source: yllshlls.tumblr.com

The best part is trying out all the dipping sauces

7. Mac & Cheese

Those 2 words describe it all. No other words are necessary in describing one of the best satisfying foods ever for the munchies.


Source: yumyummyyums.tumblr.com

The cheesier the better

8. Burger & Fries

Classic all-American stoner food. My personal favorite being In-N-Out. A double-double with grilled onions and animal style fries are sure to hit the spot when the munchies hit. If not, get 2 orders!


Source: theoriginaltheiconic.tumblr.com

Always go animal-style!

9. Hot Dogs

This stoner food will probably be consumed even more-so during this week’s football playoffs and of course the super bowl. Another great food that can be modified to your tastes!


Source: omnommy.tumblr.com

We prefer chilli-n-cheese. Sonic The Hedgehog would be proud

10. Brownies

Can’t forget about dessert! Brownies are probably the best baked munchies while you’re baked. Plus, brownies are perfect for mixing and creating marijuana infused edibles.


Source: im-horngry.tumblr.com

Throw in some frosting for even more calories (aka deliciousness)

What are some of your favorite foods for the munchies? Let us know in the comments below!