I can never get enough of looking at beautiful buds.  So many different types, so little time. Now all we need is a scratch and sniff from Google.. Enjoy these 10 Weed Pics you must see!

1. I can almost touch it

So close, yet so far.. orange, green, and purple!

Source: puff-puff-p4ss.tumblr.com

2. Spooky bud

This bud comes to you straight from the X-Files

Source: sttuhsy.tumblr.co

3. Oh, stop it

Holy mother of fire ass bud





Source: herbalwellnesscenter.com

4. Strawberry Cheese Cake

They should serve this at the Cheese Cake Factory

Source: p3rc3ption-is-r3ality.tumblr.com

5. Orange Juice

Roll this up with a glass of orange juice, mmm, mm, mm.

Source: toweliesfunkytown.tumblr.com

6. The 3 bud-sketeers

All for one and one for all!

Source: thehazeydaisey.tumblr.com

7. In the Caribbean

Herb is a part of their culture for sure

Source: nicknigger.tumblr.com

8. Take me to your leader

Some buds I swear come from another planet

Source: blog.weedporndaily.com

9. Enough for you?

Enough crystals for you sir?

Source: psychedelicelephants.tumblr.com

10. Spears

Plenty of nice colas on a pretty small plant

Source: hightimes.com
Thumbnail Source: psychedelicelephants.tumblr.com

Aren’t you glad you saw all those beautiful buds? Have any better ones? Send them in!