Feeling a bit lonely? No worries, here are 11 Weed Pics you can toke with. Cannabis is such a good friend đŸ˜‰

1. Smoking on the job

World’s best job? Smoke herb while harvesting herb.

Source: simplysmilingandsmoking.tumblr.co

2. Behind this door..

More beautiful buds!

Source: alligatorannihilator.tumblr.com

3. Sunset buds

After a long day of flowering, the sun sets

Source: nomedicinalvalue.tumblr.com

4. Hey.. how’d you get in here?

Sneaky little purple bud

Source: chuu-chu.tumblr.com

5. Wild bud

Cannabis bud chillen in the wild

Source: smokepotwithme.tumblr.com

6. CFL closet grow

Lookin good off of CFL’s, huge fan leaves!

Source: stayhidontdie.tumblr.com

7. Massive bud

Perhaps there is a universe within the bud

Source: nosnarb.tumblr.com

8. Two buds chillin

What did the purple bud say to the green bud?

Source: gr33ncrack.tumblr.com

9. Runnin a little low

To the weed dispensary robin!

Source: taylorgangbitchess.tumblr.com

10. Weed stacks

Anyone ever try to make a weed pyramid?

Source: welovegoodweed.tumblr.com

11. Weed illusions

Black and white tiles weird me out

Source: growadvice.tumblr.com

Not so lonely anymore? Great! Have any buds you would like to share? Send them in!

Thumbnail Source: alligatorannihilator.tumblr.com