Guys (and even girls), we’ve all been there. It’s your girls turn to pick a movie to watch, and so it’s going to be a chick flick…ugh. But, what if there was a compromise? Here are 5 chick flick movies remade for stoners.

1. The Tokebook (Remake of The Notebook)

Probably one of the most popular chick flick movies to come out in recent times, and def one that needed a scene of getting high.


2. Blue Kush (Remake of Blue Crush)

Chick flick remake with more emphasis on bikini babes surfing high. Sounds like a winner to me.


3. Waiting to Inhale (Remake of Waiting to Exhale)

A funnier less dramatic remake of the chick flick classic. (RIP Whitney)


4. You’ve Got Weed (Remake of You’ve Got Mail)

Two business rivals hate each other at the office but fall in love over…weed, duh.


5. Eat Pray Toke (Eat Pray Love)

She probably wouldn’t have been as unhappy in the first place. Save some of that OG Hindu Kush for us Julia!


Come on Hollywood, just get everyone from this list and get started, shouldn’t be too hard! What other chick flick movies should be remade for stoners?

Thumbnail Source: Stock Free Images