Probably the most common by product of cannabis is hemp, which has been used in a variety of ways for years. Here are 5 hemp products that you should buy.

1. Hemp Wick

Hemp wick is an amazing product for lighting your cannabis bud. It is used by many people who want an alternative to butane based lighters. Hemp wick is hemp rope wrapped in beeswax to keep it lit. It removes bad chemicals and tastes from your lighter. It is also environmentally conscious because you are using less plastic lighters and creating less trash.

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2. Hemp Seeds

Hemp seeds are high in protein. They also have lots of other nutritional value including high amounts of fatty acids and fiber and contains vitamin E and trace minerals. These are all very beneficial to your body.

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3. Hemp Clothing/Fabric

Hemp clothing is a great product to support hemp. It is an extremely durable fiber. It is also less expensive than some clothing made of different materials.It also is better on the environment because it uses less chemicals and fertilizers. There are tons of cool hemp clothing products from jeans to shoes.

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4. Hemp Paper

Hemp paper is going to change the world. Hemp paper is exactly as it sounds; paper made from hemp. It is a revolutionary product because it can help stop deforestation. This means that buying hemp paper will result in less tress being destroyed for paper, which will benefit us by creating more oxygen in the air and having a healthier planet in general by preserving nature.

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5. Hemp Oil Lib Balm

Hemp oil is the richest oil in essential fatty acids of all other plants oils. Essential fatty acids are used by the body and create healthier skin and hair. This make hemp oil an amazing body care product! There are also other products out there based off hemp oil, such as soaps.

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These products are widely available everywhere, I am sure you can find different prices and different products with a quick search on the internet. Are you an avid hemp shopper? Let us know what you hemp products you like to buy in the comments below!