Work can be hectic these days. What better way to unwind as well as stay productive than to get high. Here are 5 reasons they should let you get high at work. (Mostly written for an office environment. But hey, we don’t job discriminate when it comes to getting high.)

1. It would create a less stressful environment

What better way to relieve stress than to kick your feet up and smoke a jay? This would def help get you in the zone, all the while keeping things more chill and friendly with your co-workers.


2. Time is money

Getting high slows down time which allows for more creative thinking to happen. It only makes sense right? The more time you have, the more time you have to work.


3. There is no I in team, but there is one in high

Getting high builds teamwork and social interaction with your peers. Trust is being built. When it’s your turn to pass, you don’t want to let your co-workers down.


4. If you feed them, they will eat

Blazing at work would place emphasis on having a better cafeteria for lunch, which would then keep employees inside the building. The tastier & more accessible the food is the better. You don’t want your employees leaving work once the munchies hit.


5. It would allow people to focus

Being stoned allows people to focus believe it or not. Next time you ask someone to do something when they’re high, take notes oh how hard they concentrate. Now apply this to work and your employees will be intensely focused, one 30-45 second task at a time.


Time spent to think of this article while high: 5 seconds.
Time to write this article at work while high: 5 hours and 35 minutes. (With a 3 hour break in-between).