With summer coming up we take a look at the 5 summer stoner essentials for men. So when it’s time blaze, in the blazing summer heat, you won’t be ill prepared, just ill looking.

1. Shades

Probably the number one item for both women, as well as men are shades. Keeps sunlight out, as well as hides blazed eye balls, which could be helpful when lighting up in public.


Flip-Up Shades – Kush Kult

2. Headphones

These could go for women as well. But headphones are a good way to keep the beat as you blaze in the summer heat. Double bonus for us are these Bob Marley Headphones which are made from hemp!

People Get Ready In-Ear Buds – House of Marley

3. Tank Top

The official men’s clothing item for summer probably has to be a dope tank. Keeps you cool and stylish at the same time. That’s all we’re asking for in the summer!


2 Strainz Tank Top – Dope Fam

4. Backback

With all the summer road trips coming up, what better way to carry your stash than with a backpack. Usually smaller bags tend to be lighter and less bulky for easy mobility.


Mary Jane of America Backpack – Kush Cult

5. Vaporizer

Last but not least is the vaporizer. Never leave home without, and is especially good to carry in public, while keeping it on the low.


Pax Vaporizer – Ploom