When I feel like making my next bong sesh a little different, I’ll add some ice cubes and enjoy a refreshing, smooth hit. But lately there has been an emergence of people experimenting with liquids other then water. Here are 6 Bong Water Alternatives!

Whether used for a practical reason or entertainment value, this might not be something to do constantly. But it is fun for special occasions or when you have good people over!

1. Cranberry Juice

A popular water alternative. Some say that the acidity of the juice will help keep your bong cleaner longer by removing the build up on the inside. Other people claim they experienced a better high from the Vitamin C. I have personally tried cranberry juice and have to admit, it was pretty wild! The flavor of the hit was certainly effected, but I don’t believe I experienced anything different about my high. I would recommend the juice to be cold and fresh; ie. with no added/unnecessary sugars. The juice does get dark after some use, but I was surprised to find it had helped keep my bong cleaner!


Source: sofiz24.tumblr.com

2. Gatorade

People who have tried using gatorade report it only effects the flavor, but at least there are so many flavors and colors to choose from.


Source: laurasonica.tumblr.com

3. Orange Peels

“Just drop a few peels in the water of your piece after eating an orange. Does wonders with keeping it clean, gives some citrus taste, and keeps your water not tasting like bong, lol.” – Recommended by @blamerobb on IG. I want to try this next!


Source: yummyinmytumbly.tumblr.com

Other Alternatives

4. Iced Tea, 5. Vitamin Water, 6. Kool-Aid


  • You want to stay away from liquids with fat (such as smoothies or milk) as it will absorb the THC that you should be inhaling.
  • Stay away from anything with a high alcohol content! Fire + alcohol = Bad. However, there are people who enjoy using red wine – just be aware of the alcohol content.
  • Sticky bongs aren’t fun, so be sure to clean your glass regularly while experimenting! :)

Bottom Line: Although it is intriguing, and certainly entertaining, nothing compares to using plain H2O in your bong or bubbler. Have you ever tried anything other then water for tokes? Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts!

Thumbnail Source: @themushroomofcourse