Ever wanted to take the foray into anime? Well, if so we have some highly recommend anime for you to blaze to. Here are 7 Animes to Watch High.

1. Akira

Futuristic cyberpunk biker gangs with psychic powers, yes please.


Source: naper-villain.tumblr.com


2. Macross Plus

Futuristic jet combat with jets controlled by the brain and a hologram love story; weird but not bad.


Source: nitehawkcinema.tumblr.com

Anime has a love affair with the future and we are okay with that.

3. Ghost in the Shell

We are 16 years away from this tale of cyborgs and cyberbrains according to anime. Awesome mental thriller.


Source: arikaftermath.tumblr.com

Does sexuality even matter when you’re a cyborg?

4. Rebuild of Evangelion

Pacific Rim was pretty much inspired by this awesome anime so you owe it to yourself to watch the inspiration blazed out of your mind.


Source: lateensail.tumblr.com

Did we mention it is pretty violent?

5. Cowboy Be Bepop

A classic tale involving a man named Spike Spiegle. How can you go wrong with spaceships and a guy named Spike Spiegle?


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Also marijuana is referenced!

6. Ninja Scroll

A classic anime tale of samurais just killing each other. Ultra violent and awesome.

ninja scroll

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If you must watch any from this list watch this one for sure.

7. Afro Samurai

Pretty much one of the most awesome animes of recent times. Great story and great action. Definitely watch this blazed.


Source: afrojapa.tumblr.com

You at some point will yell out AFROOOO by the end of the film.

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We know that there are tons of great anime out there and we want you to tell us what you like below.