You could learn a lesson or two from these OG’s 


Wherever they are, it must be one great place to retire, stoner heaven!

A trip back with the unbreakable crew

Squad 1

Imagine, kicking it at Foreman’s place with Kelso, Hyde and the gang. We can definitely see ourselves in this crew of misfits, hope there’s room for one more “dumb-ass” in the circle!

Hanging with the big boys 


These guys were smoking a lot more than marijuana, but riches and parties galore can’t be all too terrible, this crew is forever turnt

You know you want a scooby snack 

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Just a hippie, his crime-fighting pals and a semi-talking dog… oh and some of the best edibles this side of Mississippi. What’s not to love about this sleuthing stoner crew? 

The crew that works hard, plays hard. 

Nobody knows this more than the hardest working men in the telecommunications game. Help them help you help yourself, while also helping them. 


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Everybody’s favorite sociopath has no problem burning a doobie or a robotic Russian spy. Probably the most risky crew on the list, but in the words of the man himself  “Danger Zone!” 

These guys 

Wu-Tang ain’t nothing to fuck with

Cross the galaxy

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One alcoholic, galaxy-hopping, interdimensional space grandpa and his trusty Morty. We hear Rick can get his hands on some pretty kick ass collaxion crystals too, wub-a-lub-a-dub-dub ya’ll! 

Stay Excellent, Party On.