Did you ever watch a kids movie that made you think “is this movie really for kids?” There were numerous movies for kids and that had themes that were too advanced for children. Here are 8 trippy kids movies with adult themes.

1. Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland

A strange film about a child whose dreams and nightmares become one with reality. Movie is definitely an inspiration for The Matrix and Inception in some aspects. Watching this one as a kid was different and got scary when the Nightmare began.


Source: mindful-arts.tumblr.com

Would have been a dope Kid Cudi music video.

2. Alice in Wonderland

The animated version of The Wizard of Oz with way more weird stuff going on. The subtle reference to drug use and the religious analogies flew right over our heads as children. Watch this high now and it will blow you away.


Source: disneyfancy.tumblr.com

So many things wrong with this movie wouldn’t know where to start.

3. Rock a Doodle

The half cartoon and half live action film didn’t work to this films favor but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t trippy as all get out. The final battle at the end was way more dramatic and weird than a kids movie should have been.


Source: disneyyandmore.tumblr.com

Made us realize at a young age that there was something wrong with Elvis.

4. Pinocchio

Disney tends to out do itself when it comes to animated films and this one is no different when it comes to inappropriate situations for children.


Source: sensationaldisney.net

Even the kids were getting high. Also, the child slavery theme was odd even if they were donkeys.

5. Brave Little Toaster

As a child I wold have never associated a toaster with someone who gets baked but apparently this is a coming of age story for a pothead. Weird movie that took the “appliances are alive idea” form The Beauty and the Beast too far.


Source: h3c70r.tumblr.com

I would definitely be their guests if I could get toasted with them and have them make me a sandwich.

6. Nightmare before Christmas

Claymation mindf***! This movie from a kids perspective was pure horror. Many kids were given nightmares from this Tim Burton flick.


Source: courgegirl-messed-up.tumblr.com

This movie converted countless kids into Emo’s who love My Chemical Romance.

7. Who Framed Roger Rabbit

One of the coolest movies on the list and in some ways one of the most disturbing movies on the list. Cartoons and people committing murders. Not a good look.


Source: anda1so.tumblr.com

First childhood erection for many of you out there.

8. A Troll in Central Park

For obvious reasons we included this one but in all seriousness this guy was the ultimate grower. Trippy journey through Central Park with a troll and some children planting marijuana everywhere.

troll in central park

Source: animationalley.tumblr.com

He would easily win the Cannabis Cup every year.

Honorable Mentions: Wizard of Oz, Edward Scissorhands, Hocus Pocus, any Ernest movie, Gremlins and last but not least Fantasia.

We are sure there are more movies out there that we probably shouldn’t have been subjected to as children but unfortunately our parents were as clueless as we will be when we have kids. Sound off below and let us know of some you found trippy.