The cultural lines between cannabis and hip-hop (mainstream and underground) no doubt cross each other. So, here are 8 rapper weed lyrics by various artists, that we like (more for sure to come).

1. Notorious B.I.G – Spit Your Game ft Twista, Bone Thugs N Harmony


High off weed and lots of gin, so much smoke need oxygen

2. 2Pac Shakur – If I Die 2Nite


Puffin weed as I position myself to clock G’s

3. Snoop Lion (aka Snoop Dogg) – Lighters Up ft Mavado, Popcaan


Get high with me, fly with me

4. Redman – Mary Jane


I’ll fight niggas over Mary Jane

5. Mac Miller – Don’t Mind If I Do


We just some motha fuckin’ kids

6. Wiz Khalifa – Smokin’ Good


Out in California, where the weed official

7. Lil Wayne – Cali Dro


I get my Kush from California, get my dro from Arizona

8. Dumbfoundead – Cell Phone ft Breezy Lovejoy, Wax


Roll up, smoke up, and do it all over

What are some of your favorite weed lyrics (from any genre). Hit us up, or sound off in the comments.