We all know that Rap and Weed go hand and hand. With that being said we have taken it upon ourselves to discuss who has truly represented marijuana to the fullest throughout their careers. Here is a list of the best weed rappers in the game. Now this list is in no particular and we understand that there are a few rappers out there who might have been left in the dark but that is for you to decide.

Snoop Dogg or Lion

The only Rapper who will remain on this list no matter what and no matter who enters the rap game talking about how much weed they smoke. Snoop is one of the originators when it comes to spitting about weed and is constantly talking about that Cali grown bud. The world didn’t believe him when he tried to quit smoking weed back in the day because they know that he ain’t ever putting it down.


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Dope Weed Track: “Nuthin but a G Thang” The Chronic

Devin the Dude

Another legend when it comes to rapping about marijuana. This MC was influenced heavily by the Houston scene and was definitely one of the first rappers talking about that sticky green. Easily a rapper who has thrived in this genres niche for weedheads.

devin the dude

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Dope Weed Track: “Sticky Green” The Dude

Wiz Khalifa

A young gun to the scene of rap who has quickly become a staple of the weed smoking MC’s and co-signed by Snoop Dogg/Lion himself. Wiz is coming out of Pittsburgh and is blazing tracks left and right. Oh, and he brought his little homie Mac Miller to the party too. His mixtape Kush and Orange Juice was an instant classic and something every weed smoking hip hop fan should own.


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Dope Weed Track: “Still Blazin” Kush and Orange Juice

Method Man (a.k.a. Iron Lung, Johnny Blaze)

Once again a legend on the list not just for having tracks and sick one liners dedicated to weed but was able to help stretch the genre and be successful in doing so. This man hasn’t only rapped about weed in depth but he has also done a movie about getting very high. How High you ask? No, seriously it was called How High and it was hilarious. Lastly, he is one of the few rappers in the game to actually match and arguably best the late great Notorious B.I.G. on a track. If you don’t believe us go listen to “The What” and tell us what you think.

method man

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Dope Weed Track: “Stimulation” Tical

Cypress Hill

While this is a group, we can’t deny they wanted to let everyone know they like to smoke in subtle and blatant lyrics. Their ability to rap in english and spanish appealed to a different group of listeners but we all got the same message. They like weed. They like weed a lot. Despite their hiatus as of late they are still hailed as ambassadors of the green and old school MC’s.

cypress hill

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Dope Weed Track: “Dr. Greenthumb” Cypress HIll IV

These rappers all had love for Mary Jane . But, we would like to hear what you think . Who do you think is belongs on the best weed rappers in the game list, or which genre / list should we create for next time?