Clambake, fishbowl, hotbox. Some of the best times in my life were chillin and hotboxing a vehicle. Here are the 5 best automobiles to clambake in!

The Van

Vans were mobile tree houses for high schoolers during the 70’s and 80’s. During the 90’s they had a falling out and gained notoriety for being the vehicle of choice for weirdos but we all know that you can’t do much better than a van when it comes to transportation of multiple smokers.

mystery machine


The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fought crime in one.

The Wagon

Popular with surfers and not just for the board storage either. It was much like a van but with more room for the horizontal shuffle. Perfect for date nights and random road trips.



Wood panels are a plus!

The Hatchback

Perfect for those bohemian rhapsody ride alongs through Aurora, Illinois. Not to mention the back door was like a release valve for the clouds.



We don’t suggest cramming too many people into this one or else you will look like you belong in a circus.

The 2 Door Pickup

A hatchback with a better view. all you need is a mattress and a good friend to get smoke with while staring at the stars or planes overhead.



The El Camino was the best of both pickup truck and car but for some reason had a short life cycle

The Hybrid

What better way to go green while smoking on green? We need to take care of mother earth while she is taking care of us.



Hopefully we only pollute the air through cannabis in the future and not fossil fuels

Sound off in the comments sections and let us know what your hot boxing!

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