We consult celebs via Tumblr to get their take on things, to see if you really can overdose on weed.

1. Taylor Lautner thinks about it, but comes to this conclusion.

Source: peasantofthequad.tumblr.com

2. Nicole Scherzinger answer to the question, as well as if she’d marry me :/

Source: fiercegifs.tumblr.com

3. Jesse Eisenberg doesn’t even need to verbally tell you his response.

Source: wonderfulworldofwebdesign.tumblr.com

4. Jim Parsons knows the answer. I trust him too cause he plays a smart guy on TV.

Source: weirdlifeofasinglegirl.tumblr.com

5. Demi Lovato probably has a quicker judgment then she does on X-Factor.

Source: chillyhill.tumblr.com

There you have it. A thorough study conducted on the internet. It has to be true then right? (Well we think so).