Is it just a coincidence that the Bay Area is a hub for tolerance? The San Francisco area has been known for its progressive stance on several issues. Cannabis prohibition and marriage equality share a similar struggle.

Truth is something that stands the test of time. The truth always comes to the surface. Truth such as, gay couples love each other as passionately as any other couple. Truth like cannabis prohibition is in direct conflict with our constitutional rights as Americans.

Whether someone is gay or decides to smoke a joint, it is their own personal lifestyle choice. That is the beautiful thing about being AMERICAN. That is what our nation was founded on, FREEDOM. Freedom from someone else telling you that you have to be something you’re not.

It is a great crime against one another when we fail to accept the differences in others. Why do we fail to recognize that we are at our greatest strength when we accept each other for who we truly are?

““But life at its best is a creative synthesis of opposites in fruitful harmony.” -Martin Luther King Jr.

Time to legalize.