Show love to your favorite bud with these cannabis strain shirts from Tree Shurts.

This upstate NY brand also has many more t-shirt and hoodie designs, as well as beanies and snapbacks. Their process for clothing mimics that of the cannabis growing process. From their website:

We create a t-shurt with original, custom artwork inspired by a particular strain of cannabis. We only produce 420 prints of each design, also known as an original, which include a hemp label with it’s own number of authenticity, as well as what we call “bud facts.” Once these 420 originals are cashed, we clone them just like the growing process.

Check out their cannabis strain shirts. You can shop these shirts from Tree Shurts by clicking on the shop link below.

Online Store:

Blue Berry T-Shirt


$30.00 – Shop Now!

Jack Herer T-Shirt


$30.00 – Shop Now!

AK47 T-Shirt


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White Rhino T-Shirt


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NYC Diesel T-Shirt


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