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Must View: Bill Maher Lights Up Live

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  Maher says Lights, Camera, Spark It. Social provocateur Bill Maher made headlines and possibly history in his most recent stand against senselessness. During his show “Real Time With Bill Maher” Mr. Maher warned smokers to “get your head out of your grass” and to stay vigilant, stating all of the progress made in the anti-prohibition

Not your Mama’s Marijuana

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  Marijuana Potency on the Rise  The marijuana we smoke today is significantly stronger than the marijuana your parents were smoking in their younger years. In fact, today’s Marijuana is triple the strength on average than it was only 20 years ago. The results come from a study two decades in the making, published in

Texas Meets its Destiny

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    Cannabis Destiny in Texas The cannabis destiny crew is heading to Texas in order to attend the Southwest Cannabis Conventions Expo in Dallas. Big name speakers planned for the evening include NFL legends Jim McMahon, Ricky Williams and Kyle Turley who will speak during the Cannabis and Athletics Program. Texas has made headlines

11 Comedies We Love to watch High

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                 These 11 comedies will keep you lifted Rick & Morty  Spaced The Boondocks Eric & Andre Show Scrotal Recall Drunk History Misfits The Office U.K. Key & Peele Archer Seinfeld “Everybody's doing something, we'll do nothing.”

Facebook Anti-Marijuana

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Facebook Deletes Medical Pages across the U.S.   Facebook took a moral stance on the medical marijuana movement yesterday by deleting medical dispensary pages in the state of New Jersey and many other states irregardless of legality. Many dispensary managers and page admins who have attempted to update their patients through the popular social media

The only “Carrots” your girl will ever need

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These Cannabis Carrots will have her seeing clearer This week, U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents stopped a truck meant to be carrying produce, traveling from Mexico to Texas, at the Pharr International Bridge. As it stands, the Veggies must have smelled a bit too good as the agents marked the vehicle for further inspection. With

Cannabis Coffee Houses Come to Alaska

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Cannabis Coffee Houses Come to Alaska An Alaskan coffee house, Black Bear But they're not quite Dutch. Sometime this year Alaska is going to open the first ever coffeehouse on American soil. Unlike the pot cafes we’ve all come to know and love in the Netherlands, Alaskan coffeehouses will apparently prohibit the use