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Must View: Bill Maher Lights Up Live

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  Maher says Lights, Camera, Spark It. Social provocateur Bill Maher made headlines and possibly history in his most recent stand against senselessness. During his show “Real Time With Bill Maher” Mr. Maher warned smokers to “get your head out of your grass” and to stay vigilant, stating all of the progress made in the anti-prohibition

8 stoner squads we want to smoke with

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You could learn a lesson or two from these OG's  Wherever they are, it must be one great place to retire, stoner heaven! A trip back with the unbreakable crew Imagine, kicking it at Foreman's place with Kelso, Hyde and the gang. We can definitely see ourselves in this crew of misfits, hope there’s room

8 Trippy Kids Movies With Adult Themes

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Did you ever watch a kids movie that made you think “is this movie really for kids?” There were numerous movies for kids and that had themes that were too advanced for children. Here are 8 trippy kids movies with adult themes.

Imaginary Places We Want To Blaze In

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Have you ever watched a movie with an expansive universe that you would have liked to explore blazed?

Cartoon Characters Who Smoke Weed

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Have you ever watched a cartoon and wondered if the characters were enjoying the best animated herb? Well, we did. Here is a list of cartoon characters who smoke weed.

11 Comedies We Love to watch High

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                 These 11 comedies will keep you lifted Rick & Morty  Spaced The Boondocks Eric & Andre Show Scrotal Recall Drunk History Misfits The Office U.K. Key & Peele Archer Seinfeld “Everybody's doing something, we'll do nothing.”

5 Annoying People to Smoke With

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We all have been in a situation where we are with a friend at a function and introduced to a new group of people that like weed just as much as we do. Sometimes that is the only thing we have in common with the other group.

5 Reasons They Should Let You Get High At Work

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Work can be hectic these days. What better way to unwind as well as stay productive than to get high. Here are 5 reasons they should let you get high at work.

How To Deal Weed – Gavin Tanner

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Let the Aussie Gavin Tanner teach you the ways of how to deal weed.

5 Stoner Cereal Mascots

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No combined group of people in the world eats more cereal than stoners. But have you ever wondered about how their mascots were selected? Here are 5 stoner cereal mascots.

11 Stoner Animals That Are Higher Than You

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Since cannabis is a natural plant, that grows in nature, naturally, is it possible that other animals besides humans are capable of enjoying it?  Well, we don’t know for sure, but these 11 photos suggest that they do!

5 Stoner Stereotypes

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People who smoke weed tend to get a bad rap, and are stereotyped into one category or another. Here are 5 Stoner Stereotypes.

Willie Nelson Explains The Dangers of Marijuana

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Willie Nelson was on the Bill Maher show. An advocate of legalization, there was a funny exchange in which Willie Nelson explains the dangers of marijuana.

6 Things Stoners Never Have When They Need Them

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When it’s time to smoke there are items necessary to the process that stoners never seem to have. Here are 6 Things Stoners Never Have When They Need Them.

8 Reactions People Have When They’re Out Of Weed

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Because not everyone reacts the same, here are a list of different reactions when people run out of that weed.

Picking up girls while high as F**K!

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The guys from Simple Pickup have already crushed any type of anxiety about picking up girls.  Jesse takes it to another level when he eats a weed brownie and goes into the field.

5 Ultimate Stoner Possessions

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There is a thin line between comfort and laziness but when you are high they are both one in the same. Here are 5 Ultimate Stoner Possessions.

10 Original Pokemon Stoners

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Pokemon was awesome but as you get older you start to notice things differently. Like, do Pokemon get High? Here are 10 original pokemon stoners

5 Reactions If A Cop Catches You With Marijuana

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Your smoking marijuana in a place where it isn’t legal and the cops approach you. Here are some possible scenarios and 5 reactions if a cop catches you with marijuana.

5 Unconventional Ashtrays

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If you’re on the go or smoking someplace you shouldn’t, ashing isn’t as easy as it is in the comfort of your home. Here are 5 unconventional ashtrays.

5 Marijuana Trolls

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Trolls are fairly normal on the internet but when it comes to the marijuana community none rank higher. Today we take a look at the different trolls in the online marijuana community. Here are 5 Marijuana Trolls.

Old Man Smokes Weed for the First Time (HD) – YouTube

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We all encounter the ganja at different times in our lives.  Some of us were 14.  Some of us were 30.  Some of us were damn near 80.

6 Tips For Smoke Buddy Etiquette

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Some of us have that one friend who we smoke with that is the ideal smoking buddy. Today we have a list of 6 Tips For Smoke Buddy Etiquette.

New Study: Everyone Knows You’re High!

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The Onion reports on a new study that confirms it.  Everyone knows that you’re high.  You weirdo.  :)

5 Types of Weed Schwag

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There are times when you can’t find a reliable source of good weed. When that happens you end up buying schwag. Here are 5 types of weed schwag.