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Millennials Are New Generation Hippies But With Better Weed

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With legalization more and more in the news, a new wave of free spirits are on the rise. It is being said that these millennials are the new generation hippies, but with better weed.

8 stoner squads we want to smoke with

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You could learn a lesson or two from these OG's  Wherever they are, it must be one great place to retire, stoner heaven! A trip back with the unbreakable crew Imagine, kicking it at Foreman's place with Kelso, Hyde and the gang. We can definitely see ourselves in this crew of misfits, hope there’s room

11 Comedies We Love to watch High

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                 These 11 comedies will keep you lifted Rick & Morty  Spaced The Boondocks Eric & Andre Show Scrotal Recall Drunk History Misfits The Office U.K. Key & Peele Archer Seinfeld “Everybody's doing something, we'll do nothing.”

Dream Drive-thru First of It’s Kind

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Green to Go Not the actual drive-thru, but imagine it near a coast and I bet we're close! One sleepy Oregon town received some pretty exciting news last week causing a bit of stir nationwide. The coastal city of Gold Beach is set to become the first place in the U.S. to own

8 Ways to Smoke Weed with Blunt Wraps

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Smoking blunts is one of my favorite ways to smoke weed. They burn slow and pack a hell of a punch. The talented rolling artists below take blunt rolling to the next level.

7 Stoner Olympic Sports

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The Winter Olympics are among us! And if you’re like us, we wish there were more cannabis inspired events. Here are 7 stoner olympic sports that should be added in the future.

The Willy Wonka of Weed Tripp Keber

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Tripp Keber is the Willy Wonka of weed.  Keber sounds like he’s related to the Keebler. How suitable that he’s in the business of edible cannabis.

10 Food Pics To Induce The Munchies

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Wether you’re currently smoking, or thinking about it, the munchies are sure to come. Here are 10 food pics to induce the munchies!

7 Holiday Weed Pics

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We here at Cannabis Destiny wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidaze! With that, it’s our honor to share these 7 Holiday Weed Pics!

Indica VS Sativa (What’s Your Strain?)

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Most of you guys out there have probably heard of the notorious names indica and sativa. These are two sub-species of the cannabis plant.

Your Joints Suck. 5 ways to roll the perfect joint.

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So you just spent the past 10 minutes breaking up the weed into the perfect consistency, placing your marijuana evenly throughout your zigzag, and twisting like you always do. It’s perfect. Or is it? Why are all your friends looking at you like you just just told a great joke? Despite their lack of enthusiasm

5 Munchie Hacks

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Who said playing with your food as a kid was bad?! Here are 5 Munchie Hacks to elevate your next munchie meal.

Smoke in the Sativa Athletic Crop Top from Apt B Collective

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Hmm… What’s there better to do on a day off than smoking in the Sativa Athletic Crop Top from Apartment B Collective?  Nada!

5 Reactions If A Cop Catches You With Marijuana

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Your smoking marijuana in a place where it isn’t legal and the cops approach you. Here are some possible scenarios and 5 reactions if a cop catches you with marijuana.

5 Unconventional Ashtrays

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If you’re on the go or smoking someplace you shouldn’t, ashing isn’t as easy as it is in the comfort of your home. Here are 5 unconventional ashtrays.

6 Tips For Smoke Buddy Etiquette

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Some of us have that one friend who we smoke with that is the ideal smoking buddy. Today we have a list of 6 Tips For Smoke Buddy Etiquette.

Secret Munchies Menu: #HackTheMenu

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Ever make a late night munchies run, and you notice your friends order things off the menu? Now you can be in the know, with #HackTheMenu!

Denver 420 Rally: Who Would You Love To Smoke With?

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We asked people at the Denver 420 Rally, who they would to smoke with. Here are their responses! 

5 Winter Olympic Stoners

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In honor of the Winter Olympics we bring you Winter Olympians who are stoners and also suspected to be stoners.

ZaZZZ, The Automated Marijuana Dispensing Machine

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Stash running low? Now with ZaZZZ, the automated medical marijuana dispensing machine, reupping has never been easier. Soon, there’ll be an app as well!

Happy Valentine’s From Cannabis Destiny

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Ah Valentine’s. The perfect time to cuddle and smoke weed with your loved ones! Here are all the photos we’ve curated for this special occasion, and we wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s from Cannabis Destiny

10 Cool Bongs To Smoke With

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The great thing about glass is that it is an art form with unlimited possibilities.  So many different pieces, so little time.

Is Cannabis The Next Great US Industry?

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With legalization in states like Colorado, and Washington, the demand for marijuana is at an all-time high. With more demand comes more jobs to help supply demand. So, is cannabis the next great US industry?

5 Sodas That We Want Back

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The best feeling is satisfying the munchies with your favorite soda or beverage. With that, here are 5 sodas that we want back!

Marijuana May Slow Alzheimer’s Disease

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Who said marijuana was a dangerous drug again? Tests from Kim Janda, PhD suggests that marijuana may slow Alzheimer’s Disease.