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10 Weed Pics You Must See Part 1

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I can never get enough of looking at beautiful buds.  So many different types, so little time. Now all we need is a scratch and sniff from Google.. Enjoy these 10 Weed Pics you must see!

7 Holiday Weed Pics

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We here at Cannabis Destiny wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidaze! With that, it’s our honor to share these 7 Holiday Weed Pics!

10 Bongs To Spend your Money On

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So you’ve been saving your paycheck to buy the perfect bong piece.  But which one to buy?

Pics Of The Week: 3/9/14

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Just in case you missed them, here are the pics of the week! To get all the latest pics, follow us on your favorite social platform!

Happy Valentine’s From Cannabis Destiny

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Ah Valentine’s. The perfect time to cuddle and smoke weed with your loved ones! Here are all the photos we’ve curated for this special occasion, and we wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s from Cannabis Destiny

5 Free iPhone Marijuana Backgrounds

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Happy Christmas Eve! We have an early present just for you. Here are 5 Free iPhone Marijuana Backgrounds, enjoy!

Happy Halloweed From Cannabis Destiny

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Cannabis Destiny wishes you a safe and stoned, Happy Halloweed.

6 Microscope Trichome Pics

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Ever wonder what weed looks like under a microscope? Look no further! Here are 6 Microscope Trichome Pics.

The Monday Munchies Photo Series

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Munchies and weed go hand in hand. With that as our inspiration, check out our Cannabis Destiny exlcusive, The Monday Munchies Photo Series

4 Indo Grow Tips

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Today we are going to bring you a few tips on maintaining an indoor grow brought to you by @Deltaninethc.

10 Macro Weed Pics from @eastcoastnugz

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This week’s Instagram spotlight is @eastcoastnugz. Reppin the east coast, this weed feed will sure to have you in the clouds. Here are 10 Macro Weed Pics.

10 WTF Random Weed Pics Part 2

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We’re back with 10 WTF Random Weed Pics!  Smoking weed tends to bring out more WTF moments in life.  Whether it’s you smoking or your buddy, you both my end up doing some silly WTF shit.

The Wake and Bacon Photo Series

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Ah bacon. The great breakfast essential for every morning stoner. No wake and bake is complete without the bacon. Check out our Cannabis Destiny exclusive, The Wake and Bacon Series.

Chocolate, Gumballs, Coffee and Weed

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Coffee, gumballs, and chocolate are probably three of the most consumed products today. Soon we will add marijuana to the list! Check out our Cannabis Destiny photography exclusive, Chocolate, Gumballs, Coffee and Weed.

Fourth Of July and Joints Photo Series

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The Fourth of July is a celebration of American Independence. BBQs, beer, and of course, blunts! Here’s our salute to you America. Check out our Fourth of July and Joints series.

11 Awesome And Random Weed Pics!

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Roses are red, Violets are blue,  kush is green, and I love you.  Random enough for you?  Enjoy these 11 awesome and random weed pics!

Music and Weed Photo Series

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I have been to concerts sober and to concerts high.  Which do you think I had a better time at?

11 Gorgeous Weed Pictures

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Mary Jane is such a beautiful lady.  Perhaps we were made to admire her beauty.  

15 Instagram Weed Pics of the Week 6/8/13

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Welcome to our new series! We select 15 Instagram weed pics from our beloved followers who use hashtag #cannabisdestiny, and display them for the world weed web.

18 Cool and Random Weed Pics Part 2

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Weed is everywhere.  I remember receiving seeds from the UK for the first time.  Weed can be grown and mailed everywhere.

13 Cool And Random Weed Pics

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They say cannabis can help with creativity.  There must be some truth to that right?  Here are 13 Cool and Random Weed Pics for proof!

Beautiful Bud Shots of the Week: 6/2/13

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Happy June everyone. With summer right around the corner, what better way to celebrate than with some beautiful bud shots? Enjoy these original pics, shot by us!

12 Weed Pics To Smoke With Part 2

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You know what they say right?  People who look at weed pics daily are happier than those who don’t :)  Here are 12 Weed Pics That Will Make You Want To Smoke!

12 Weed Pics To Smoke With

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We’re back once again with 12 Weed Pics That Will Make You Want To Smoke Part 3.  Careful.  You might smoke all your weed after seeing these.

Monday Morning Weed Pics 5/20/13

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We’re back again with our Monday Morning Weed pics for the week! So sit back, light one up, and enjoy the dankness