Ever smoke and experience an intense hunger? Frightening paranoia? Or any other extreme anything? Same here. Here are a list of 6 common marijuana sensations you may have had when smoking.

1. Hunger

This is easily the most common sensation that people feel when they blaze up. It is synonymous with smoking.


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One time we were so high we ate a whole pizza. For serious.

2. Happiness

Usually once you have achieved a high you become very subdued yet happy. You will usually end up laughing at anything and be at peace with the world.


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You will most likely at some point have tears of joy.

3. Horny

There are times when you may become sexually aroused especially when you are blazing with someone you find attractive in that manner.


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Perfect time to break out that secret sex playlist you have been working on.

4. Sleepy

You may find yourself nodding off if you got way too high. When you get this high you have definitely left this galaxy and are somewhere floating in the universe.


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In situations like this all you can do is tap out and call it a day.

5. Stuck

This is the high that renders your limbs and the rest of your body to heavy to move. If you are smoking on this kind of weed then you will have an unproductive day.

cant  move

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This is that shit Afroman was singing about.

6. Paranoid

This kind of feeling usually happens during a high when people are discussing parents, aliens, cops, secret evil organizations, or the government. Remember you can easily make a transition from happy to paranoid.


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If you are with a first timer avoid negative discussion.

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We know that there are other feelings out there so please sound off in the comments.