We asked people at the Denver 420 Rally, who they would to smoke with. Here are their responses! 

The 420 Rally took place on Easter 4/20, at the Civic Center Park in Denver CO. We asked people various questions, and let them answer anything they wanted. Much love to everyone who participated in our Denver 420 Rally event coverage!

Smoke meowt


The President would be honored


This def would be an upbeat sesh


They got nothin’ on you babe


From Black Swan to White Widow


Sibling smoke sesh in the works


The Body Rockers Pt 1


The Body Rockers Pt 2


Only appropriate on Easter 4/20


Dizzy after the smoke sesh for sure!


Cheech + Chong + Bong = Awesome smoke sesh




Not only Jesus, but Doug as well!


He’s waiting for you Jamie


Stay tuned for more Denver 420 Rally coverage! Let us know in the comments below: who you would love to smoke with.