Facebook Deletes Medical Pages across the U.S.  

Facebook took a moral stance on the medical marijuana movement yesterday by deleting medical dispensary pages in the state of New Jersey and many other states irregardless of legality. Many dispensary managers and page admins who have attempted to update their patients through the popular social media site have been greeted with the following messages 

“Your page has been unpublished… content posted on your Page doesn’t follow the Facebook Terms and Community Standards” “We remove any promotion or encouragement of drug use. If you think your Page was unpublished in error, you can appeal… please keep in mind that if your appeal is denied, your Page will be permanently deleted.”

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Facebook has not released a public statement explaining its actions instead referring interested parties to their ad policy guidelines which state that the site does not promote drugs of any nature “illegal, prescription, or recreational drugs.”


In the meantime legal businesses are left in the dust with a major advertising and communications base possibly lost, but it may very well end up backfiring on the social media giant. The fastest growing business in the U.S. will now be forced to advertise on other mediums. One dispensary manager in New Jersey stated it perfectly when saying “If Facebook doesn’t want to be a part of (medical marijuana), that’s their prerogative”  

“We’ll find other avenues to get information to our patients.”

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