Of course there has been a lot of news about some states in America making marijuana legal for various reasons (medical,recreational,etc.). But it is not entirely legal in any case and there are many flaws of marijuana laws in the legal states.

Learn About The Laws

I recommend some quick research before doing anything stupid or letting others know about laws that you really don’t understand. For example, did you know that it is still a felony charge for the sale or distribution of marijuana in states where it is recreationally legal, such as Colorado? Another interesting law is the law on cultivation. You are permitted to grow up to six cannabis plants legally. If you are caught growing more than 6 plants, you will be charged with a felony. Possession laws are tricky too. Having more than 2 ounces and less than 6 ounces can get you a year in jail. While having more than 6 ounces could get you a year and a half in jail.

Also concentrates can be dangerous too. Having more than an ounce can get you a year to 18 months in jail. I think one lesson to be learned from this is if you live in a state where marijuana is recreationally legal, stay away from large amounts of cannabis products. No state has completely legalized marijuana and I doubt they ever truly will. Be careful out there all you cannabis lovers, everything is not what it seems!

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