One Girl Scout put two and two together, as she sells cookies outside a pot dispensary in San Francisco. Give this girl a marketing genius merit badge.

The LA Times Reports:

On Monday, Danielle Lei and her mother set up shop outside the Green Cross store with the cookies. With the store’s blessing, Lei sold 117 boxes in two hours.

Holli Bert, a spokeswoman for the Green Cross, said that after just 45 minutes, Lei had to call for backup cookies to replenish her stock.

The Girl Scouts of Colorado though released a statement through twitter, saying:

The Girl Scouts of Colorado issued a tweet expressing their disapproval of the situation. “If you are wondering, we don’t allow our Girl Scouts to sell cookies in front of marijuana shops or liquor stores/bars” read the tweet.

What are your thoughts? Is it wrong for this Girl Scout to sell to a weed dispensary. Or, if she’s not smoking, just selling cookies, it’s fine? Let us know in the comments below.