With legalization more and more in the news, a new wave of free spirits are on the rise. It is being said that these millennials are the new generation hippies, but with better weed.

Lauren Martin of the Elite Daily writes:

With the recent insurgence of weed legalization, I can’t help myself from constantly comparing Generation-Y to the generation of the hippie. It’s a time of massive change and revolution in our country, with weed just becoming a large metaphor, like the pink and blue peace sign on your grandparents’ Volvo.

She also goes on to compare how an older generation of hippies (our parents) turned out and how millennials differ:

We know how our parents ended up: straight-laced, stubborn, narrow-minded and seemingly unhappy. The Baby Boomers seem to defy anything that remotely inspires creativity and a different view. They ignore what they don’t know and hate what they can’t understand. But we will be different.

I def feel the change from this generation’s hippie compared to before. Although there are some stereotypes of hippies, for the most part, this new generation of hippies are of the variety. We come from many different background, cultures, races and ethnicities. Even more so than before. I also feel with advances in technology as well as access to social media, being able to voice your opinion, thoughts and ideas is even easier than before (internet hippies if you will). With faster access to information, we also have become more tolerant and educated than before.

I think the term hippie will still have old stereotypes associated to it. But, a new term will eventually define these new generation hippies. Oh and we definitely have better weed than before! (aka the main point of this article, lol)

You can read Lauren’s full write-up here.