8 Trippy Kids Movies With Adult Themes

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Did you ever watch a kids movie that made you think “is this movie really for kids?” There were numerous movies for kids and that had themes that were too advanced for children. Here are 8 trippy kids movies with adult themes.

Imaginary Places We Want To Blaze In

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Have you ever watched a movie with an expansive universe that you would have liked to explore blazed?

5 Stoner Stereotypes

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People who smoke weed tend to get a bad rap, and are stereotyped into one category or another. Here are 5 Stoner Stereotypes.

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Click Here To Check Out More Stoner Sweaters For The Fall

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Herb & Herbal Tea

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Hiking with some buds. Emphasis on High and Bud

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Real Eyes, Realize, Real Highs

6 Places You Shouldn’t Be High

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As ridiculous as this may sound for some of you, there are a few scenarios where you shouldn’t be high. Today we give you those socially unacceptable scenarios for those of you who may be unaware. Here are 5 Places You Shouldn’t Be High.

What’s In Your Rolling Papers?

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I don’t know about you guys but the first rolling papers I’d ever heard of was the Zig Zag. The orange package to be specific. I didn’t actually know that there were other kinds of Zig Zag papers until very recently (I’m definitely a glass lover).

Delicious Cannabis Edibles From CCNC

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Everybody loves cannabis edibles, especially the traditional brownie kind. But it’s always nice when someone just decides to bring in a whole line of cannabis confections for our enjoyment.

7 Animes to Watch High

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Ever wanted to take the foray into anime? Well, if so we have some highly recommend anime for you to blaze to. Here are 7 Animes to Watch High.

The United States of Marijuana

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Marijuana has been illegal since the 1920s. People believed it was bad enough to start a war against it. In my personal opinion, starting a war against a plant seems quite fruitless and let’s face it, the main drug that’s being “fought” in the “drug war” is marijuana.

Should We Allow Pets To Be Treated With Marijuana?

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Stoners love their pets. Animals are hilarious when they’re stoned and it is definitely a source of amusement to get stoned and mess with a laser pointer and watch the cat go nuts. But when pets get older and have to deal with more pain, should we allow pets to be treated with marijuana?

Spice: Making Marijuana Look Bad Since 2002

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If you smoke and watch the news, you already know about spice, the synthetic marijuana substitute that can only be sold under the label “not for human consumption”. Seems safe to smoke, right? Wrong.

10 Myths About Marijuana & Why They’re Absurd

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Every stoner has enjoyed a good laugh over some of the ridiculous things that some people say about marijuana. It’s absurd how many lies are floating around about the plant and what it actually does to the human brain and body.

Alcohol Vs Marijuana

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Alcohol vs marijuana is a constant argument between my friends and I. I find it strange that there are people who like alcohol more than weed.

5 Arcade Games to Play High

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Video Games and Marijuana go together like peanut butter and jelly. If you are an older gamer then you most definitely remember when games were played on arcade cabinets. Here are 5 Arcade Games to Play High.

Miss Botwin’s Marijuana Spliffstory

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This is my first post on Cannabis Destiny! My name is Miss Botwin. I’m a canabis enthusiast from the east coast. The only thing that I enjoy more than smoking pot is writing about it.

A Stoner’s Ideal Summer Day and Night

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It is about that time of year where the short shorts and tank tops come out to play, where you stay awake from sundown to sunup. It is summer and it is time to enjoy beautiful nighttime weather and marijuana.

This is the End Review

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We have a review for the new Seth Rogen and friends film.

5 Common Reasons We Smoke Weed

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There are times when we don’t really feel like smoking but for some reason or another we do. Today we have taken time out of our day to discuss some of the reasons people smoke marijuana. Here are 5 common reasons we smoke weed.

9 Stoner Movie Characters We Can Relate To

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Have you ever watched a movie and felt connected to a stoner character? You both had a lot in common whether you wanted to admit it or not? Well today we have a list of 9 stoner movie characters we can relate to.

5 Frequent Questions You Hear When High

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Being high around people who don’t know you can be annoying. Especially when you are trying to keep it low key. They will usually approach you and bombard you with questions about how you look. Here are 5 frequent questions you hear when high.

6 Common Marijuana Sensations

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Ever smoke and experience an intense hunger? Frightening paranoia? Or any other extreme anything? Same here. Here are a list of 6 common marijuana sensations you may have had when smoking.