5 Rap To Acoustic Guitar Remixes On YouTube

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Something about doing acoustic versions of hit rap songs that add a bit of hilarity but awesomeness at the same time.

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Happy birthday to the one and only Bob Marley! Def spark one up for him!

Music and Weed Photo Series

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I have been to concerts sober and to concerts high.  Which do you think I had a better time at?

8 Rapper Weed Lyrics Part 1

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The cultural lines between cannabis and hip-hop (mainstream and underground) no doubt cross each other. So, here are 8 rapper weed lyrics by various artists, that we like (more for sure to come).

6 Signs A Musician Is A Stoner

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Sometimes we listen to music and think it is awesome because we are high. Sometimes we listen to music just because the music has everything to do with getting high.