Indica VS Sativa (What’s Your Strain?)

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Most of you guys out there have probably heard of the notorious names indica and sativa. These are two sub-species of the cannabis plant.

Apartment B Collective’s Treehouse Collection

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Apartment B Collective is the definition of attention to detail.  If you’re looking for some high end, boutique, 420 inspired clothing you cannot go wrong with Apartment B Collective’s Treehouse Collection.

Smoke in the Sativa Athletic Crop Top from Apt B Collective

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Hmm… What’s there better to do on a day off than smoking in the Sativa Athletic Crop Top from Apartment B Collective?  Nada!

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Get ready for Summer with this dope Sativa Crop Top from Apt B Collective!SHOP this crop top and more at:http://www.aptbcollective.com/shop/