5 Chick Flick Movies Remade For Stoners

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Guys (and even girls), we’ve all been there. It’s your girls turn to pick a movie to watch, and so it’s going to be a chick flick…ugh. But, what if there was a compromise? Here are 5 chick flick movies remade for stoners.

5 Winter Olympic Stoners

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In honor of the Winter Olympics we bring you Winter Olympians who are stoners and also suspected to be stoners.

5 International Marijuana Friendly Places

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Thinking about going outside of the united States and were looking for 420 friendly? Here are 5 International Marijuana Friendly Places.

5 Great Stoner Bands

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Let us pay tribute to the legends who were openly using marijuana and rebelling against false propaganda with beautiful music. Here are 5 Great Stoner Bands

15 Fashionable Stoner Babes

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Bringing new meaning to the term “high fashion”. These baked beauties know how to dress to impress. Here are 15 Fashionable Stoner Babes.

11 Sexy Stoners Shotgunning Smoke

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I’m still trying to figure out why this is so sexy. Perhaps it’s just hella erotic for a girl to blow smoke into another girl’s mouth.

High Maintenance Web Series

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Janky Clown Productions presents their High Maintenance web series, chronicling a bike riding weed dealing hipster in New York. With that, they have created something unique, interesting and hilarious.

How Stoners See Fast Food Logos Part 1

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There is no greater feeling than hittin’ up the late night munchies at your favorite food spot. Here is how stoners see their favorite fast food joints when those food cravings hit.