8 Trippy Kids Movies With Adult Themes

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Did you ever watch a kids movie that made you think “is this movie really for kids?” There were numerous movies for kids and that had themes that were too advanced for children. Here are 8 trippy kids movies with adult themes.

Travel through 3D Tunnels with this app

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Looking for some time to kill while getting blazed?  Try out the Morphing 3D Tunnels app or the Astral 3D Worlds app on your android or iOS device.

Watch While High – Projection Mapping

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I’m so glad we live in the 21st century.  We have so much amazing technology.  We’re able to smoke hydroponic bud.  We’re able to create this insane 3D projection mapping video.

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LSD (lemon skunk diesel) is trippy!

12 Trippy Pics To Wrinkle Your Brain

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Sometimes the brain likes to explore things that are different.  Here are 12 trippy pics to help wrinkle your brain.  Have fun!

10 Trippy Pics While Stoned Part 1

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Want to have a unique time while high?  Spend some time looking at these 10 trippy pics.