South Americas Largest Marijuana Plantation

Walking into a sea of green... marijuana

Walking into a sea of green… marijuana

The Medical Marijuana industry received some pretty big news just last week. The largest marijuana plantation in the whole of Latin America opened last Tuesday in the town of Cobun. Cobun, a commune of about 18,000 citizens located near the heart of Chile, stands to touch the hearts of over 4,000 people under Chile’s relatively new program. Chile’s journey to decriminalization and its status as a regional pioneer has come quickly, to the surprise of many who know Chile as a fairly conservative nation. 

Back in July of 2015, Chile approved the decriminalization of cannabis under the restructuring of ley 20.000 or Law 20,000. The changes in the law made personal use and cultivation of cannabis legal, and allows individuals to carry up to 10 grams and to grow a max of 6 plants. 

One has to assume an individual growing 6 marijuana plants is in possession of far more than 10 grams and hopefully this failure to specify does not lead to more lengthy prison sentences. The law brings marked improvement though since, before the legislative changes, individuals in possession of cannabis or caught selling small amounts could serve up to 15 years in prison. 

In October of  2014, prior to decriminalization, Chile launched its medical marijuana pilot. Chile’s pilot program, bossted by Ley 20,000 took hundreds of patients to thousands of patients! Best of all? Cancer patients receive their medicine free of chargeChile has no plans to curb the program in the face of decriminalization. Colbun’s massive new plantation certainly solidifies Chile’s plans to continue making a difference in the lives of cancer patients. 

Cancer deserves a kick in the nuts!

Cancer deserves a kick in the nuts!

Latin America continues to show itself to be true leaders in the legal cannabis and decriminalization movements. At the moment, Colombia and Uruguay have fully legalized Marijuana. Ecuador is voting to do the same. Argentina, Costa Rica, México, Perú, Portugal, and Puerto Rico have Decriminalized small possessions and cultivation of Marijuana. Some of the few Latin American countries that have not decriminalized, such as Brazil, still impose harsh penalties on individuals carrying “large” amounts of  cannabis and those who transport or sell any amount of the flower. 

We can only hope the changes occurring en masse in Chile and across South America will send a message to nations around the world. Do the right thing. Legalize it.

Stay excellent. Party on.