Medical marijuana research has come a long way, and there are many health benefits MMJ patients receive each year. Unfortunately, the US Govt is blocking medical marijuana research from the group MAPS. reports:

Many who suffer from PTSD have reported benefits from cannabis use, and evidence from animal studies provides further support.

Unfortunately, despite the availability of medical marijuana in certain states, the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) is the only legal source of cannabis for researchers. And compared to the FDA, getting NIDA’s approval for a clinical trial has proven a lot harder

The article also goes on how MAPS, the group behind the research, tried to resubmit their proposal, but on def ears.

After trying to fight NIDA’s cannabis monopoly in court, and losing, MAPS resubmitted the proposal last October.

They are now waiting to hear back from NIDA. It’s been more than four months without a word, says Burge. Unfortunately, while the FDA must respond to research proposals in 30 days, NIDA can take as long as they wan

With the extensive health benefits of marijuana, it’s pretty shocking that the NIDA would reject research for medical marijuana. Not only did MAPS have the FDA’s approval, but it seems, like the article states, the NIDA is establishing a monopoly being the only legal source for cannabis researchers. They really emphasis the “Abuse” in their acronym.

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